NFS is suitable for Linux users whereas SMB is suitable for Windows users. 2. SMB is not case sensitive where NFS is, this makes a big difference when it comes to a search. 3 NFS vs Samba. Network File System (auch bekannt als NFS) ist ein von Sun Microsystems entwickeltes Protokoll. Auf diese Weise kann ein Benutzer auf einem Computer auf Dateien zugreifen, die über ein Netzwerk gesendet werden - ähnlich wie beim Zugriff auf lokalen Speicher. Es ist am häufigsten in Systemen mit einer ähnlichen Zusammensetzung wie das UNIX-System. Es ist jedoch auch für andere Systeme wie Mac OS, OpenVMS, Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare und IBM AS / 400 problemlos verfügbar

Network share: Performance differences between NFS & SMB Environment. The NAS device will be the target for read and write operations. It has a hard disk with a transfer rate of... Configuration. I have decided to use NFSv4 and SMBv2 with large MTU. An important difference between both protocols. Ich kann jeden empfehlen NFS für Linux und SMB für Windows. Performance ist bei Linux NFS zu LINUX NFS am besten. Windows hat zwar ein nfs Client, jedoch bricht die Geschwindigkeit mit nfs ein. Prozi auslastung ist höher SMB vs. NFS. NFS is the Network File System for Unix and Linux operating systems. It allows files to be shared transparently between servers, desktops, laptops etc. It is a client/server application that allows a user to view, store and update files on a remote computer as though they were on their own computer

NFS handles the compute intensive encryption better with multiple threads, but using almost 200% CPU and getting a bit weaker on the write test. SSHFS provides a surprisingly good performance with both encryption options, almost the same as NFS or SMB in plaintext You'll find opinions all over of which one is faster with the Samba people claiming that they are on par with NFS. Depending on your needs, the best thing to do would be to set up a Samba share and NFS share and run various real-world read/write/CPU tests across the network. If you have similar needs as I do (Windows machines) you might be surprised to find out that Samba is 20% faster than NFS The acronym NFS means Network File System. The NFS protocol was developed by Sun Microsystems and serves essentially the same purpose as SMB (i.e., to access files systems over a network as if they were local), but is entirely incompatible with CIFS/SMB. This means that NFS clients can't speak directly to SMB servers NFS ist schlanker und deshalb auch performanter als Samba. Dafür hat Samba aber auch einige vorteile: Für Samba gibt es eine Reihe graphischer Tools, darunter das praktische Gigolo. Für NFS gibt es nichts Entsprechendes. Bei Samba hast Du mit einem NAS keine Probleme mit den Zugriffs-Rechten. Bei NFS müssen die UID und GID angepasst oder gemappt werden Wo läge denn der Vorteil von SMB gegenüber NFS? Der einzige Vorteil von NFS wäre sein geringerer Datenoverhead. Ansonsten eben auch viele Nachteile - u.a. auch bei Zugriffen über gemischten Zugriff von NFS und weiteren Protokollen inkonsistente Dateirechte. Daher ist die Empfehlung meist, SMB zu verwenden

As with the NFS, Samba runs most naturally on a system with qualities not unlike those of the UNIX systems. It comes standard with almost every distribution of Linux, and is used as a basic system service on all other UNIX-based systems. NFS has a number of variations: The original NFS version was used strictly for in-house experimentation Die meisten Linux Systeme haben Samba vorinstalliert und können daher mit SMB bis einschließlich der SMB Version 3.1.1 mit Windows Clients kommunizieren, aber man kann manchen Windows Clients stattdessen auch NFS beibringen. Insofern stellt sich die Frage was ihr in einem heterogenen Netzwerk so einsetzt und bevorzugt bzw. warum ihr es einsetzt. Bevorzugt ihr lieber NFS und bringt dann. NFS steht für Networked File System. Dieses Netzwerkdateisystem wurde von Sun Microsystems entwickelt und hat grundsätzlich den gleichen Zweck wie SMB (d. h. Zugriff auf Dateisysteme über ein Netzwerk, als wäre es lokal), es verwendet allerdings ein komplett anderes Protokoll

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And if you can also explain what is NFS vs CIFS/SMB/samba, that would be appreciated too! Thank you, /u/webtroter. 46 comments. share. save. hide. report. 93% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 6 years ago. CIFS and SMB are Windows file sharing protocols. CIFS being the latest version of SMB. NFS is traditionally a. Based on what I see from two different NAS vendors, it looks like SMB v3 is the best network protocol one can use in terms of overall performance on macOS, with AFP being the second best. Both SMB v1 and NFS should be avoided - they demonstrated rather disappointing write performance. If specific macOS features that AFP provides are important to you, then you should test both SMB v3 and AFP on your NAS device and see how each does on its own. For Synology, it looks like the. CIFS/SMB vs NFS . Latest response 2017-11-06T20:03:02+00:00. I'm looking for thoughts on the age-old CIFS vs NFS debate. From my [somewhat limited] experience NFS is much easier to set up and just tends to work. Some of my more optimistic Windows friends think that sharing home directories between Linux and Windows would be useful. Therefore, they think I should implement CIFS home directories.

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  1. For example: Say you have a folder on Openmediavault - Media, which is shared with the network by both SMB and NFS. There are two users (Bill and Ben) that both have RW access to both shares
  2. Found something interesting about file transfer between different protocols and operating system. we are going to test SMB vs NFS on both linux and windows 1..
  3. SMB uses a server-client architecture that is similar to that of NFS: A computer that has files to share configures them to be available over the network, and client computers can then connect to them by entering the hostname of the computer (or its IP address) and the path to its SMB file share. Unlike NFS, though, SMB doesn't treat network.
  4. Nfs ist tatsächlich schneller, weils direkt über TCP/IP geht.Sambda benutzt das smb protikoll und dass nmb Protokoll zur Kommunikation.Samba ist allerdings eine ganze stange sicherer als Nfs, da du zum Beispiel Rechte besser verwalten kannst oder der traffic in der regel nicht mitgschorchelt werden kann, Es lassen sich auch gültige Ip-Adressbereiche vergeben und Passwörter werden nicht im.

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  1. This video will look at the two file sharing protocols SMB and NFS. SMB is the primary file sharing protocol developed for Windows computers and NFS is the p..
  2. Some NAS systems are also able to share both, NFS and SMB. So you aren´t stuck to SMB. AFAICT (no benchmarks created) SMB works pretty good while using Kodi on Windows. For Linux based clients I always choose NFS. YMMV Find. Reply. contadino Senior Member. Posts: 180 Joined: Jul 2010 Reputation: 6.
  3. & Jack of all trades. 3 points · 7 years ago. SMB, more properly known as CIFS, is.
  4. NFS. SAMBA. 1. NFS is a protocol. SAMBA is a program that provide SMB/CIFS. (Server Message Block / Common Internet File System) 2. NFS work's only Linux Operating System. SAMBA work's both Linux and windows OS
  5. If your file servers are Windows-based and your clients are mixed, CIFS will tend to provide better performance for your Windows clients than NFS will (Microsoft does some behind-the-scenes tasks that Samba doesn't - IIRC, Intel published a performance study on the performance difference between Windows clients with Windows share-server and Windows clients with Samba share-server)
  6. It's max write speed was ~2 Mbps from my Linux OS to a Raspberry Pi NAS storage device, whereas my Windows OS using Samba could do like 40 Mbps to the same Raspberry Pi NAS, from the same PC (dual boot into Windows/Ubuntu), at the same location, on the same network. I am now running Ubuntu 20.04 and notice that sshfs --version shows the following
  7. I responded with SAMBA or NFS, and he did not like this. He wanted a specific recommendation. The server I'm migrating data from is an older 2003 server, and we are trying to decide whether to migrate it to Server 2008R2 or Server 2012. So, I did some googling, and became more aware of the following Microsoft support matrix: MS Server 2003 and 2008 R2 = native support for NFS version 3. MS.

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NFS: During preparation much short fluctuations with similar maximums (730MB/sec) to SMB, but a lot lower minimums (50MB/sec). During read-test 2 peaks of about 200MB/sec. During write-test a little less fluctuations than during prepare but slow average (400MB/sec) NFS vs SMB on NAS. Hello, I have a NAS from Buffalo Tech. that supports both SAMBA and NFS. It seems to be powered by a Linux kernel. I intend to access it from both Windows 7 and Linux. What would be the correct approach for inter-compatibility when setting it up for access from both Windows and Linux, should the machines connect using NFS or SAMBA on the NAS. I don't mind using both but I'd. NFS is traditionally a Unix file sharing protocol but now Windows Server supports it natively (the old version anyway--see below). SMB/CIFS uses Windows-style access control lists (which are really complicated) whereas NFS uses Unix-style file permissions (User ID owner, Group ID owner, and read/write/execute permissions) Während sich bei SMB der Benutzer authentifiziert, authentisiert das populärere NFSv3 den Client-Rechner, erst NFSv4 ermöglicht Benutzerauthentifikation. NFS-Dienste sind auch auf Microsoft-Windows-Servern verfügbar, wodurch UNIX-Workstations Zugang zu deren Dateien erhalten können, allerdings wird in gemischten Umgebungen meist SMB mit Samba auf Unixseite verwendet. NFS arbeitet auf dem. have to move large file across linux boxes. which one is fastest (for upload/download) 1, ftp server. 2, samba server. 3, nfs server. 4, ssh server. security it not an issue. these machines are totally isolated(testing machines) in the labs. Regards. Maaz

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I don't know the details in security differences between NFS and SMB, but its often suggested that SMB is a better choice for security (which is funny cause it originates from Microsoft :p ) This may just be a perception and not reality though, not sure. SAMBA is single threaded, and the project has clearly stated it will remain that way. Due to the way it works it simply would not benefit from multithreading. It uses one thread per connection, and as such if your server does not. Quote. Nfs ist tatsächlich schneller, weils direkt über TCP/IP geht.Sambda benutzt das smb protikoll und dass nmb Protokoll zur Kommunikation.Samba ist allerdings eine ganze stange sicherer als Nfs, da du zum Beispiel Rechte besser verwalten kannst oder der traffic in der regel nicht mitgschorchelt werden kann, Es lassen sich auch gültige.


  1. SMB usually does the job. I personally don't like much the idea to put in the middle a third element (in this case a Plex server between the NAS and Infuse) if unneeded. So basically this is what I do: NAS (SMB) <-> Infuse NAS (SMB) <-> Plex Server <-> Plex Client(s) They happily run in parallel and Infuse is working just fine
  2. Server Message Block (SMB), the protocol used by the Samba software, might be more easily deployed with sufficient security. Network File System, abbreviated NFS, has jokingly been called No File Security. That's the joking name, but No File-Level Security may be a name with some accurate implications. In other words, NFS security is based on sharing a partition, not an individual file, so file-level permissions are not enforced by the NFS protocol
  3. Meine Macs vertragen sich gut mit SMB und den Qnap Geräten. Allerdings nur im SMB 2.1 Standard. Der 3.0 will nicht stabil laufen. Da treten Verbindungsabbrüche auf. Zugriff bzw. das Speichern von Dateien aus Programmen heraus will auch nicht funktionieren. Das ganze tritt eher Sporadisch auf aber es nervt. Mit SMB 2.1 klappt es aber gut. Muss nicht unbedingt an Apple liegen. Seitens Apple wird der SMB 3.0 angeblich bevorzugt und auch unterstützt
  4. g & Network. JB1970. May 11, 2020, 4:20pm #1. Hi. Just got my Apple TV 4K a few days ago and have installed infuse on it. I'm using it to play a mixture of 1080P and 4k 265 files which are stored in a share on my Netgear ReadyNAS RN314. I'm sure read performance varies between various manufacturers of NAS for a given protocol but as the subject line suggests I.

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NFS (Network File System) is a file sharing protocol which is native to Unix/Linux systems. Samba is a piece of software which adds the CIFS (Common Internet File System) filesharing protocol to Linux / Unix. CIFS is the filesharing protocol which is native to Windows Ja. FTP Ist nicht für echtes streaming gedacht sondern, wie der Name (File Transfer Protocol) schon sagt, für das Übertragen von Dateien. Der Unterschied macht sich in deinem Setup vielleicht nicht oder kaum bemerkbar, dennoch sollte man für Medienübertragung wenn möglich immer SMB oder UPNP verwenden. JoGi65 But NFS fails to provide that broad range of access in file-sharing services. Versions of the Protocols; CIFS tends to be more messy and chatty in communication and often requires file protocol optimization. SMB 2 and SMB 3 overcome this problem and provided more security features to the users, operating at a modern data center over a wide scale. Overtime, NFS showed a major evolution with an advanced version of file locks, access controls, and enhanced improvement NAS iSCSI: Unterschiede zu SMB-Freigaben und Voraussetzungen; NAS: iSCSI-LUN mit iSCSI-Target einrichten; NAS: iSCSI-Target mit CHAP-Authentifizierung, konfigurieren und Laufwerk initialisiere

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  1. What are the advantages of NFS vs SMB on OSMC atm. Well generally NFS is a native network protocol for linux based machines. So it has the best support and performance. But if you have everything connected with Gigabit the lower performance (higher overhead) of SMB can be ignored. pickle_supreme 20 September 2018 10:26 #3. It is all on Gigabit ethernet, and I am tempted to just leave it.
  2. Due to my surprise SMB mount is 20x slower than SMB. I was expecting it to be slower but not by this much! Bellow details results of my tests show that on SMB I get ~5 MB/s. This cannot be. optimal as I've seen reports showing it should be much faster: - Network share: Performance differences between NFS & SMB
  3. They are both NAS file level protocols. CIFS is the Windows flavour and NFS is for Linus/Unix, but there is some degree of interoperability. Samba is a linux/unix implementation of a CIFS server, and it is possible to mount NFS storage on a windows system with a UNIX utilities package. The ACL translations can be tricky and not fully functional when crossing OS. Netapp does some nifty stuff to separate the protocol layer from the filesystem that allows you to do cool things like.

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NFS vs Samba shares. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 9 months ago. Active 3 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 33k times 13. 2. So I'm setting up a NAS server with my Raspberry-Pi, and I'm trying to figure out what type of file sharing I want to implement. Between NFS and Samba shares, I've read that NFS is faster than Samba, however Samba is easier to set up on Windows. My question is, does the speed. FritzBox NAS über SMB (Netzlaufwerk) oder besser FTP einbinden Ersteller sunshineh; Erstellt am 08.02.2018; S. sunshineh Experte. Thread Starter Mitglied seit 13.01.2014 Beiträge 37. 08.02.2018. As I understand it, NFS was supported as a datastore in 4.0 / 4.1? Here's where i'll bare my ignorance, aren't CIFS & NFS both using some compataible derrivative of SMB? (NFS more than CIFS) Correct me if i'm wrong please. You're wrong . CIFS and NFS are VERY different protocols. CIFS is traditional Windows file sharing and NFS is traditional. NFS is the Network File System specifically used for Unix and Linux operating systems. It allows files communication transparently between servers and end-users machines like desktops & laptops. NFS uses a client-server methodology to allow the user to view read and write files on a computer system

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samba vs nfs vs ftp. Tags. beginners, cifs, ftp, nfs, ssh Thread Tools: Search this Thread: Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers samba vs nfs vs ftp # 1 06-14-2010 presul. Registered User. 88, 2. Join Date: May 2010. Last Activity: 19 February 2012, 1:28 PM EST. Location: Poland. Posts: 88 Thanks Given: 2. Thanked 2 Times in 2 Posts samba vs nfs vs ftp. Hi I have to copy large. Server Message Block (SMB), in einer Ur-Version auch als Common Internet File System (CIFS) bezeichnet, ist ein Netzprotokoll für Datei-, Druck- und andere Serverdienste in Rechnernetzen. Es ist ein zentraler Teil der Netzdienste der Windows-Produktfamilie und erlaubt den Zugriff auf Dateien und Verzeichnisse, die sich auf einem anderen Computer befinden. Es wird auch vom frei verfügbaren. WebDav vs. SMB or the Server Message Block which is also known as the Common Internet File System has been here for a long time. This WebDAV SMB Comparison. Skip to content . Connect WebDAV to Box or DropBox Now; Sign In; WebDAV SMB Comparison. WebDAV SMB Comparison Ben Brown 2020-01-18T07:35:28-04:00. In this WebDAV SMB comparison article, I'm going to share with you some of the traits that. NFS: Dateitransfer im lokalen Netzwerk . SFTP und FTP eignen sich für die Datenübertragung im lokalen Netzwerk wie im Internet. NFS (Network File System) sollten Sie aus Sicherheitsgründen nur im eigenen Netz verwenden. Das Dateisystem hat vor allem Vorzüge bei permanenten Verbindungen zwischen mehreren Linux-PCs. Im Vergleich zu Samba arbeitet NFS schneller, die Freigaben sind aber ohne. [MERGED] Native NFS in v.10: Retarget SMB vs. Replace SMB. Post by Novox » Mon Feb 24, 2020 6:54 pm. I believe I know how I would retarget existing jobs that are destined to SMB backup repositories to new, native NFS, repositories..

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Eigentlich sollte die Performance mit Samba besser sein als mittels NFS und nicht umgekehrt. Welche Samba Version setzt ihr ein ? Vielleicht hilft es , auf die neueste Samba Version upzudaten ? Außerdem kann Samba 2.2 auch recht gut mit dem PDC von NT zusammenwerkeln. Infos zum Problem 1 finden sich u.U. in der smb.conf (habt ihr. How to configure SAMBA and NFS(network file sharing), A Samba file server enables file sharing across different operating systems over a network. It lets you access your desktop files from a laptop and share files with Windows and macOS users. In this exercise, you will configure SAMBA on you linux machine to share data with Windows machine. for previous post we have had guide how Linux.

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Samba Sebagai File Server Politeknik Elektronikan Negeri Surabaya Institut Tekonolgi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya Samba Membantu windows dan Unix computer coexists dalam suatu network Client unix/Linux bisa. One to One instructions. Installing Samba - University of Scranton . Slide 1. SAMBA - Victoria College. Slide 1. Distributed File Systems Bansari Patel. Server Technologies II - College of. Der SMB 2.0-Dienst unter Windows 7 kann aber aktiviert oder deaktiviert werden, je nachdem, welches SMB gerade gebraucht wird. Wenn Sie mit Windows 7 (nur Ultimate -Version) auch auf Linux-NFS-Server zugreifen wollen, müssen Sie zuerst in der Systemsteuerung - Programme und Funktionen - Windows-Funktionen aktivieren oder deaktivieren den Service für NFS aktivieren Network share: Performance differences between NFS & SMB. 20 Jun, 2015. Hardware / Software / Tech. Synology NAS: Set up your own Cloud and replace Google. 1 Jun, 2015. Afrika / Natur / Reisen / Uganda. Ankunft in Uganda, der Perle von Afrika. 18 Nov, 2014 . Afrika / Kultur / Natur / Reisen / Ruanda / Uganda. Ruanda: Bei den Hutus, Tutsis und Twas. 1 Dec, 2014. Afrika / Reisen / Tansania. Die. Difference Between NFS and CIFS NFS vs. CIFS In the realm of computers, file systems and network protocols, two names often surface ' the NFS and the CIFS. These acronyms sound too technical, because indeed they are really tech related, not to mention, understanding each concept requires some background in computer networking and its various applications

Windows NFS vs Linux NFS Performance Comparison. Posted by Jarrod on July 22, 2015 Leave a comment (8) Go to comments. Both Windows and Linux operating systems are capable of acting as an NFS (Network File System) server, but which performs better? Here we are going to run various benchmarks on the two to see which performs better. NFS has been around for a long time in UNIX based variants. Mac NFS vs SMB/CIFS vs AFP vs FTP large file performance. Quote; Post by aholmes5 » Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:49 pm I did a quick test moving a set of 3 large files (8 GB each) to the QNAP TS-509 (modified with 4GB ram and Intel Core 2 Duo processor E7500 2.93Ghz) via my Mac Pro. Both the Mac Pro and the QNAP were attached with dual ethernet via an LACP 802.3ad port trunking via a netgear switch. SMB vs. NFS-Authentifizierung. Kann jemand kurz beschreiben, was der größte Unterschied zwischen der SMB-Authentifizierung und der NFS v.3-Authentifizierung ist? Ich denke, dass es in SMB auf Login und Passwort des Benutzers basiert, während es in NFS auf der Hostauthentifizierung basiert. authentication nfs server-message-block. quelle. 2 stimmen 2 antworten . fragte TheOpti May 20 '14 um.

NFS is basically a unix file sharing protocol, whereas samba is an implementation of Windows file sharing. If you were just sharing between *nix boxes you' only need NFS, but if you want to share a Windows share in Linux, or share a Linux directory to Windows, you need samba NFS vs SMB « previous next » Pages: [1] Print; Author Topic: NFS vs SMB (Read 7571 times) JKwan. Level 1 Member; Posts: 22; NFS vs SMB « on: February 22, 2010, 08:20:33 AM » I am not familiar with either of the file system. I think by default the 323 uses SAMBA (SMB?) file system. So, is there advantage of running Network File System (NFS?). I mean there were lots of conversation about NFS. Gibt es da bei NFS oder SMB etwas zu beachten? Nach oben. jph Beiträge: 895 Registriert: 06.12.2015 14:06:07 Lizenz eigener Beiträge: MIT Lizenz Wohnort: Greven/Westf. Re: SMB vs NFS4 und Nutzerrechte. Beitrag von jph » 05.12.2019 17:55:01 Simaryp hat geschrieben: 05.12.2019 06:34:56. Ich würde auch gerne noch ein weiteres Fass aufmachen Dann trenn diesen Gesamtthread aber bitte vorher in. Vielleicht ist ja jmd mal von SMB auf NFS gewechselt und kann einen Vergleich ziehen. Der aktuelle Server 2012 kann ja NFS optional als Feature installieren. Dennoch wollte ich vorher mal Fragen. I use both protocols but for kodi i use NFS (Tested before with SMB) and i notice that is faster. I also stream from NAS and large files. You can try this for now: Restart minix and router. The problem you have is not SMB or NFS (for me both protocols works well). You some some configuration/network issue

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Aber ja, smb ist ein Microsoft-Protokoll und NFS ist eine Linux-Implementierung. Ich bin da aber undogmatisch. Ich will halt gerne ein stabiles System, das sicher ist und mir kein Chaos oder Probleme mit den Dateienrechten und Metadaten erzeugt File level storage is usually accessible using common file level protocols such as SMB/CIFS (Windows) and NFS (Linux, VMware). In the block level world, you need to create a volume, deploy an OS. Bei NFS handelt sich sich um einen Internet-Standard, der die Verfahrensweisen in einem verteilten Dateisystem regelt. Während das seit vielen Jahre benutzte NFS-Protokoll in Version 3.0 (NFSv3) den Client-Rechner authentisiert, ändert sich das mit NFSv4.x. Hier muss sich wie beim SMB-Protokoll von Windows der Benutzer authentifizieren Then log into your NAS, go to Management > Application Management > NFS Service. Note: SMB 2 and higher will NOT be implemented on any of D-Link''s NAS devices since they all have been discontuned several years ago. Use NFS as an alternative to SMB. To enable SMB 1.0 in Windows 10: Step 1: Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off. Step 2: Scroll down to SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support and check the box NFS ist nicht großartig, aber Samba wird definitiv langsamer sein, der einzige Vorteil ist, Windows-Clients zu erlauben. Sofern Windows-Rechner kein Problem sind, gehen Sie mit NFS. Sofern Windows-Rechner kein Problem sind, gehen Sie mit NFS

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Back on topic: Security management for Samba is leaps and bounds ahead of NFS. If you don't need better security management, then NFS is faster and I'd go that way Why NFS over SMB? Although I do have smb access from various android devices to the NAS, NOT from within Kodi on the shield for some reason. it has eluded me. This NFS setup does work from both devices it seems. Superficial testing is all that I've done for now.. Hope this write up helps someone else with the same brickwall imprint on the forehead Samba vs. NFS: Performance [closed] Ask Question Asked 11 years, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed 20k times 12. 4. Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by. Zugriff via SMB und NFS auf eine Windows Freigabe 1. Als nächstes müssen die ACL's für den Ordner angepasst werden. Öffnen Sie die Eigenschaften des Ordners (C:\Daten)... 2. Klicken Sie auf Disable inheritance 3. Bestätigen Sie die nachfolgende Meldung. Die Vererbung wird unterbrochen! 4.. NFS is the fastest, but it is not encrypted. Do not use any unencrypted protocols if you can't fully trust your network (see also this Q&A). NFS should be available for Windows and Mac too, but it might be a bit of work to set it up. SMB should be easy to set up on Windows, Linux and Mac and it is still reasonable fast compared to SSH

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Subject: Re: NFS vs SMB Date : Fri, 12 May 2006 00:13:08 +0300 On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 18:28 -0400, Lyvim Xaphir wrote: > On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 12:37 +0100, Dan Track wrote: > > Hi > > > > Could someone please highlight the pros and cons of using nfs over smb. > > > > Thanks in advance > > Dan > > > > I understand that samba is a little more secure than NFS NAS Performance: NFS vs. SMB vs. SSHFS | Jake's Blog. In trusted home networks NFS without encryption is the best choice on Linux for maximum performance. If you want encryption i would recommend SSHFS, it is a much simpler setup (compared to Kerberos), more cpu efficient and often only slightly slower than plaintext NFS. Samba/SMB is also.

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Subject: Re: NFS vs SMB Date : Thu, 11 May 2006 18:28:52 -0400 On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 12:37 +0100, Dan Track wrote: > Hi > > Could someone please highlight the pros and cons of using nfs over smb. > > Thanks in advance > Dan > I understand that samba is a little more secure than NFS I have tested SMB vs NFS on my Vero 4K, and there is a definitive difference between them. I am unable to play 4K material over SMB & Wifi, but the same sourcefile plays excellent over NFS. Maybe worth writing down in a FAQ or something. Agree. NFS is much more performant, particularly when mounted via fstab Folgende Situation: Ich hab einen FileServer und mindestens 2 Clients, einer davon Linux (meiner) einer davon Windows (meine Mutter), beide Clients sollen auf den FileServer zugreifen können. Damit der Windows Client zugreifen kann läuft schon mal Samba auf dem Server, jetzt frage ich mich ob ich den Linux Client über Samba oder NFS zugereifen lassen solle CIFS und SMB. CIFS ist eine Erweiterung des Server Message Block Protocol (SMB) und stellt neben Datei- und Druckerfreigaben auch Dienste wie Windows-RPC zur Verfügung. Wie auch das SMB-Protokoll, früher als NetBIOS-Protokoll bekannt, läuft CIFS in einer höheren Schicht und nutzt das TCP/IP-Protokoll des Internets SMB (Server Message Block) and CIFS (Common Internet File System) are protocols. Samba implements CIFS network protocol. This is what allows Samba to communicate with (newer) MS Windows systems. Typically you will see it referred to as SMB/CIFS. However, CIFS is the extension of the SMB protocol, so if someone is sharing out SMB via Samba to a legacy system still using NetBIOS, it will.

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Wir haben bei der Entwicklung und beim Testen von SoftNAS die gleichen Unterschiede in der CIFS- und der NFS-Leistung festgestellt. Ich kann bestätigen, dass asynchrones NFS viel schneller ist als synchrones NFS, und Samba verdrängt NFS für die Benchmarks, die wir mit der ATTO-Benchmark-Software ausgeführt haben S3 vs. NFS: A Practical Comparison. by Stratoscale May 04, 2017. Both Amazon S3 and NFS can be used to provide access to static content. Your web page can call an NFS file exactly like a local file using only the file path, without even the need to add the full URL. S3 is preconfigured to act as a static web server, so each object has a URL. If you give public or even controlled access to an.

On Gigabit ethernet, it's generally 40% slower (50 to 75 MB/s in SMB vs 80 to 120 MB/s in AFP or NFS). With 10GigEthernet, it's even worse: SMB tops at 250 MB/s, while AFP reaches happily 1 GB/s and maxes out the link. I'm making comparisons using high-end linux storage servers from various client machines. A comparable Windows or Linux client maxes out 1 GgigE link on SMB (100-120 MB/s), and. AFP vs. SMB and NFS file sharing for network clients Native file sharing protocols always win out In an intranet, network clients have several options, such as AFP, NFS and SMB/CIFS, to connect to their file server. But for the best performance, and 100% compatibility, the native client file sharing protocol is the right choice. So AFP is the best protocol for all Mac clients through OS X 10.8. NFS vs. Samba (too old to reply) Chuck Wolber 2003-08-10 20:25:00 UTC. Permalink. At LinuxWorld Expo, I had a chance to sit in on a Samba clustering session with Jeremy Allison (one of the core Samba developers). I posed the samba vs NFS question to him (slightly divering from the topic of the presentation, but I wasn't the only one asking offtopic questions). For those who aren't familiar.

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